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A professional-looking website  sets the foundation for your online business success.

Whether you’re a blogger, a start-up Ecommerce site, a local professional or a traditional business you need to have a website that speaks to your audience in a way that is engaging and relevant.

We’d like to help you get started in building your own website for your online business or blogging needs through this 4 – part email video tutorial on WordPress website design. And if you have a knack for making money out of website designing then take a load of the information we have for you!

What you can expect to learn:

  • Why WordPress is the platform of choice in website design
  • The different elements of WordPress and how to work on each one to build a dynamic website
  • The many uses of WordPress website and how make the right theme selection for your online business
  • And many more

We will recap the email video tutorials with a FREE Live Webinar where all your WordPress design questions get answered by the Pros! This is going to be on Sun, Sept 18, 2016


2806f4edd5966cb1b62a4bef36041e4eJAY PASANA, a reputable figure in the Philippine Virtual Assistant Industry, was in the medical field when he begun taking part-time work as a virtual assistant. Whaa reputable figure in the Philippine Virtual Assistant Industry, was in the medical field when he begun taking part-time work as a virtual assistant and web designer. What used to be just as a means to simply augment his income, has now become a successful profession especially in the field of web design. Through this he was able to set the foundation in coaching others towards a successful web design career through Web Internship Program. Apart from co-founding Philippine Virtual Assistant Network, one of the largest online communities of virtual assistants, Jay is also the principal of Remote Virtual Assistant Agency, a New York-based virtual staffing agency, as well as the owner of digital startups such as ZiteMarket and Ignite Hosting. As an author, he’s written and published books on Amazon that guide VA aspirants to this profession.

Marilyn_120-1LYN PASANA is a professional educator for over 13 years; she is passionate about teaching and sharing information on how to become a successful Virtual Assistant and Web Designer. Coming from a very conservative profession and zero technical background, she braved the challenges of learning various online skills to finally launch her VA career as a web designer and project manager to Remote Virtual Assistant Agency. Lyn is also the managing partner of New York Sari-Sari Store Inc., serving clients both in US and Philippines. As a coach, she is one of the principal trainers in Virtual Assistant Guide and Web Internship Program.

This husband-and-wife team are highly professional when it comes to WordPress website design and have worked with countless newbies in the same field. Together they bring you another round of FREE learnings and information on the latest trends in website design.

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